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Quick Tips on How to Clean Window Insect Screens & Glass

When deep cleaning your home is on your list of things to do, don’t forget about your window insect screens and glass surfaces. You’ll want your windows clean and sparkling to make sure you have the best view out your windows year-round.

Here are a few window insect screen cleaning tricks:


TruScene Screens by Renewal by Andersen

  • For TruScene insect screens: DO NOT use a gardening hose. Instead, remove the screen and simply use a feather duster to clean your screen.
  • Check out this video for a visual guide on cleaning your window insect screens.




Standard Aluminum Screens

  • For standard aluminum insect screens: remove insect screens and use a gardening hose for a quick and easy cleaning.
  • For an extra shine, use a mild soap and water solution to give your insect screens an extra cleanview. But be sure to use a super soft fiber brush so you don’t tear your insect screen!



To clean the glass surface of your windows, follow these steps:

  1. Wipe off loose dirt and grime with a soft dry cloth.
  2. Apply one of the following cleaning solutions directly to the glass:
    • Mild soapy water
    • White vinegar-and-water
    • Liquid window cleaner
  3. At the top of the window, wipe the solution with a soft cloth in a circular motion.
  4. Immediately take off the cleaning solution with a squeegee or lint-free cloth. If you use a squeegee, make sure to use a cloth to wipe the squeegee dry after each wipe.
  5. To reduce glass cleaner residue on the glass, avoid cleaning when the sun is out. Aim for cloudy, dry days.
  6. Enjoy beautiful, streak-free views!

Avoid the following to prevent damage to the glass:

  • Solvents
  • Abrasive solutions
  • Razor blades


For more tips, be sure to check out Renewal by Andersen’s Window Care & Maintenance page. Happy Spring Cleaning!



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