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Replacement Doors

Did you know that heating and cooling your home makes up 48% of your total utilities bill? That is almost half of your energy cost and a huge opportunity for savings! You could start with your doors. Do this simple test.  Run you hand along the edge of your closed door during cooler days and see if you feel any cold air seeping into your home.

If you do feel the breeze, rest assured your heating energy is escaping to the outside at the same rate. Likewise in the summer, your cooled and dehumidified air is leaking into the great outdoors through those less than efficient door jams! 


Installing our ENERGY STAR® certified doors can shrink your energy bill—and reduce your carbon footprint—by an average of 12% nationwide compared to non-certified doors. So, when you’re researching replacement doors and weighing your options, that is an important thing to keep in mind.

Sand, dirt, mud, rain, hail, ice and snow are natural elements that challenge the product design and the installation of your patio door. People are always stomping, trampling, rolling and dragging things across your patio door threshold. Add household pet scratching and high winds to the mix and you can see just how vulnerable a patio door entrance is to the natural and human environment, and why proper installation is so important.

Patio doors are typically the largest opening into our homes, averaging nearly 50 square feet in area. Unlike windows, patio doors come into contact with both your walls and floor. Because patio doors meet the floor, proper installation is essential to maintain a drainage plane that moves water and moisture away from your home and floor. Floor damage can be much more costly to repair than wall damage and can include sub-floor and structural systems.


There’s too much at stake to risk improper installation. By choosing quality Andersen patio doors, you’ve taken the first step toward long term performance and enjoyment. 

But a quality patio door is only as good as its installation. Patio door installation is a complex project; if done incorrectly, it could mean problems down the road. With Renewal by Andersen, you can relax knowing your project will be done right. We install thousands of quality Andersen patio doors every year, so we have experience handling virtually every type of installation challenge. And, we back our work with one of the strongest limited warranties in the industry—covering both our products and the installation—giving you peace of mind. Renewal by Andersen is a company you can trust from start to finish when replacing your patio doors.


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